Photography By Johnathan Aulabaugh

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my online gallery. As a photographer I have been blessed with the ability to photograph a wide array of subjects and locations. It is my sincere hope that you will not only find my images visually appealing but also inspiring. It has long been my hope to inspire people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, to see things that are out of their normal day to day.



I was born in a small town in Northern California with the majestic Mt. Shasta as the back drop to my entrance into the world. Not long after we moved to the upper Sacramento Valley where I would live for the majority of my young years. We spent a lot of time in the foothills and mountains that surround the valley on 3 sides. I would almost say that if my dad was not working, we were doing something in the outdoors. Like my grandfather, we cut a lot of firewood, for ourselves and for extra money to afford our outdoor addictions, hunting, fishing, and camping. Neat less to say I grew up learning a lot about wildlife as well as learning about domestic livestock and ranch life.

As a photographer, my love of the outdoors only serves to fuel my desire to explore, to experience, and to create. Now as a father and husband I have been blessed yet again with a daughter that loves to do many of the things that I enjoy, as well as an understanding and beautiful wife who has come to enjoy the outdoors nearly as much as I do. She is also pretty good at catching us in photos when we least expect it, which makes for some great memories.